Every kid deserves a
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OMPT Specialists Foundation began from a deep desire to help kids who live in fragile environments to be able to rise above their current circumstances. OMPT Foundation believes that every kid deserves a success story and that we can bring our community and resources together to help make this a reality. 

Every Kid Deserves a Success Story
Many kids from kindergarten to 12th grade in our surrounding communities need our help. The lack of basic needs can greatly impact a student’s success. A child is more successful in school when they are fed, have the necessary supplies, and needed personal items. According to the 2019 Databook, published by The Annie E. Casey Foundation, there are 419,000 children living in poverty in the state of Michigan. There is a need and we want to help. Many students go to school each morning hungry and worry that they might not have anything to eat after school. 18 percent of children under age 18 are living in Michigan households that have experienced limited or uncertain availability of safe, nutritious food at some point during the year. (Source: Feeding America) Some of these students return home to houses without electricity to prepare food or to complete homework. There is a need and we want to make a difference. 

We Need Your Help
We are currently working with many organizations, four school districts at the high school, middle school, and elementary school levels. These schools have, on average, 60% of their students qualifying for free or reduced lunches. The greatest impact we can have right now is by providing students with basic needs, such as socks, pants, winter apparel, and personal care items. We have created a program called Bringing the Basics to School to help provide needed items to these students.

Bringing the Basics to School is a donation-based program that anyone can participate in. Each of the schools have wish lists. Our goal is to help provide basic needs for these students throughout the year. With your help, we have expanded this program from three schools to eight, in addition to helping many local families, and other organizations.

Please click HERE to donate the items on our request list. If you are unable to donate items for Bringing the Basics to School, please consider a monetary donation.

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Welcome to OMPT Specialists Foundation!

I can’t express how happy I am, to welcome you all to the OMPT Specialists Foundation. My name is Nivine Fahmy, the president of the Foundation, and one of its co-founders.
Michael and I have thought about starting a foundation for years, and through our company, OMPT Specialists Inc., we’ve worked with different charities, organizations, and even individuals. You see, we have always been blessed by very generous and kind staff and patients, no matter what project we are involved with.
The right time to start the foundation came in January of 2019. I felt like a kid who kept asking for the same gift for a long time, and then one day got it! With the excitement came a huge feeling of responsibility. Once we decided on all the details, we knew we needed someone who shares the same passion to help with achieving the mission of the foundation. I had heard about Lori’s experience in the nonprofit sector, but my greatest joy came after meeting her and feeling like I’ve known her forever. We immediately knew she’s the one we wanted to hire. She is very excited about our mission, and we love having her on board.
Together, Lori and I came up with wonderful ideas to help kids in our communities. After meeting with different school administrators, we discovered that the need was much greater than we realized. We learned that some students live in shelters without any of their basic needs; and that some students go home to an empty house, where parents left them without any resources or support except for a bridge card with very little money on it. We discovered that students would keep torn up socks because they can be fixed and re-worn. Teachers had been wonderful, joining resources to buy a new pair of shoes for a student whose pair is beyond repair and use, and trying to raid gloves and hats on clearance from stores because they don’t want to see more students hiding their hands in their coats during the cold months. We met with wonderful educators who were very excited about our offer to help. We went to them with our ideas and came away with a list of actual needs.
Our goals go beyond providing the basics to needy children. Our goal is to show them that their backgrounds or current situations do not define who they are or who they can strive to be. That each one of them deserves a success story.
And these success stories could begin when kids stop worrying about when they’re getting their next meal, or if they’ll have enough deodorant and shampoo to last them till the end of the month and whether they’ll be able to get more.
If you’re wondering how you could help, please consider buying some of the requested basic needs items for those children, or a monetary donation towards our current project. We have already purchased some of the urgently needed items, but the needs go beyond that. We are currently working on a Christmas personal items and winter gear drive, as a part of our ‘Bringing the Basics to School’ program. New and gently used coats would be very appreciated by those who have nothing. Please check out our Sign Up Genius page for needed items and drop off locations.