About Us

Our Mission

Helping kids create their own success stories by providing them with some of their basic needs; focusing on their food and educational insecurities.

Our Vision

Where the lack of food and educational support no longer impacts the success of every kid. OMPT Specialists Foundation believes that every kid deserves a success story and that we can bring our community and resources together to help make this happen.

Our Story

We have always been passionate about helping kids, especially the ones who were born into difficult situations. We believe that those circumstances should never define kids and that they can grow up and make a difference in the world if they were able to have their basic needs of food, education, and personal items met. In short, each child can have a success story if everyone who cares gets together to help. OMPT Specialists Foundation, the charity arm of OMPT Specialists, Inc, was established in 2019, as a way of bringing our resources and communities together to help as many kids as possible in creating their own success stories. Our company and staff have been continuously working with different charities and organizations, but everyone always believed that we could help more. The Foundation’s goal is to provide more than some of the basic needs to children; the major goal is to show those children that their communities care and believe in their success, even when their current circumstances don’t give them much hope in the future. We want to help them write those success stories, one line at a time. – Michael and Nivine Fahmy, Founders of OMPT Specialists Foundation

Board Members

Nivine Fahmy

President and Board Chairman
Nivine is involved with different charities and organizations and found her passion for helping children and organizing different charity events. She is currently on the board of Mercy Mission Hope, and an active volunteer at St. Joseph Family Support and other organizations. Nivine has a business degree from Walsh College and is currently working on her MBA. She is the vice president and director of payroll and benefits at OMPT Specialists Inc. Nivine and Michael have been married for 21 years and are the proud parents of two wonderful sons. Nivine enjoys reading, walking, and going out with friends.

Michael Fahmy

Co-founder and Board Member
Michael is deeply involved in charity works, he is on the board for a local charity that helps families in need (St. Joseph Family Support) and serves as a board member at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church. Michael saw the need to help kids in the local communities, and he co-founded OMPT Specialists Foundation with his wife, Nivine. Michael finished his doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Oakland University. He is the owner of OMPT Specialists Inc. and his whole career is about helping patients and people in need. Michael and Nivine have been married for 21 years and are the proud parents of two wonderful sons.

Connect with Us If you have a question or have suggestions for the Foundation, please email us at connect@omptfoundation.org